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Access Statement for Strand House, Winchelsea

Access Statement for Strand House, Winchelsea


January 2013


Strand House is set in peaceful countryside and offers 13 guest rooms spread over three buildings. The Main house (A) is nearly seven hundred years old and whilst we aim to meet the needs of all our guests there are some period features which might make access difficult for people with limited mobility. The Rear house (B) is over 700 years old and is of cottage proportions which might make access difficult for people with limited mobility. Both houses are located on the side of a hill and have rooms at different levels within the house and there are steps between rooms. Ceilings are fairly low in some rooms and doors are low and narrow. Rooms are of typical cottage proportions and not suitable for wheelchair users. One of the rooms is on the ground floor.


Three rooms are located in a modern cottage - Rye Bay Cottage (C) in the garden. Two of these are on the ground floor and are reached by a level route with standard sized doors. One of these rooms has a shower with a high entry and one has a bath.


Outside: Vehicular access to private car park on level ground. Car Parking and driveway area is made up of loose shingle, suitable for use with wheelchair and no trip hazards on car park, driveway and stone flags leading to front door. Shingle path around west side of house is level and free from trip hazards and leads to the patio doors into the Inglenook Room (Room 8). This has a step into the room 8” high through patio doors. Shingle path leads up a slight slope to the Rye Bay Cottage. We offer assistance with luggage.


Section A:

Entrance to Main house: Access through the front door is via a single door 32” wide with a small lip 1” high. The reception area has a low ceiling and an uneven floor. A servery in this area is used for breakfast service and is next to the dining room. It is equipped with a high counter with lighting.


Doors lead off this area into the Dining Room through a door 28” wide and into the Lounge through a door 28” wide. Stairs led up to the first floor and bedrooms 1-4. The stairs are 33” wide at the bottom and 24” at the top, are steeply inclined and consist of 9 steps with a left hand turn 4 steps from the top. There is a banister for the lower half but no hand holds for the top half.


The floor is carpeted with the exception of the doorway which has a inset mat and the servery area which is tiled. All doors are equipped with door closers and are stopped from slamming by dictators.


Dining Room: This has a sloping floor and can also be accessed via a patio door with a 3” step into the room. The room has an open inglenook fireplace with a 2” step up into it. The entry door is non standard size and low.


Lounge: Floor is uneven and ceilings are low and heavily beamed. A door leads into the kitchen and another door onwards towards the back of the house. This latter door is 28” wide and is up a step 4” high on the slant in front of the door. The lounge is equipped with a number of sofas and chairs and had a large Inglenook fireplace with a wood burner in it. During the winter the wood burner is lit and can become very hot to touch. The lounge has a small bar area up a step and we are licensed for the sale of alcohol.


Bedrooms on first and second floor in main house: Again the ceilings are low with beams and uneven sloping floors with steps and different levels. Entry is often by non standard sized doors with steps and low sills. Our beds are normally made with feather duvets and pillows Non allergenic alternatives are available on request but please inform us before your arrival of your requirement for these. We happy to provide sheets and blankets if preferred.


Section B:

Rear House or Crow's Nest: Access is from the lounge, across a corridor, up a step 5” high, through a door 29” wide and into the back lounge. From here it is possible to access the Inglenook Room (room 8) up a step of 8” high and through a door 28” wide. It is possible to access the Crows Nest Room and Willow Room (rooms 9 and 10) up a winding stair 22” wide under a low beam.


Inglenook Room (room 8): This is a ground floor room with a patio door onto the garden and a door into the Rear House and the room can be accessed from garden or the rear house. This room is not suitable for people with severe mobility problems as the ceiling is low and the floors uneven. It has a small bathroom with a walk in shower, hand basin and close coupled toilet. The room has a zip and link bed so can be a super king size bed or large twins.


Section C:

Rye Bay Cottage: Access is from the car park up a short gravelled slope and along a flagstone path which is lit at night by path lights. The entry door is at right angles to the path and has a slight sill but otherwise the ground floor is level and flat. Entry is by standard sized doors into a small lobby area from which leads doors into the two ground floor rooms and a set of narrow stairs up to the Suite on the first floor. Both ground floor rooms Rye View (room 11) and Hastings Retreat (room 12) have level floors, standard sized door and outside patios with entry sills around 4” high. Neither room is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair and neither bathroom is large enough to allow wheelchair access. The Rye View has a shower with a high sill and the Hastings Room had a bath. Both rooms are suitable for people with some limited mobility issues but neither bathroom is equipped with mobility aids such as hand rails.


The Garden: This is accessed from the driveway via a series of 5 steps onto a sloping lawn area. Parts of this lawn are steeply sloped but the main seating area used by guests has a gentle slope. The wooded section of the


Other facilities: We can provide large print menus, local guides and room information in large print. We have some aids for people with visual special needs such as walking sticks and magnifying glasses.


Additional Information

  • There is a fire extinguisher points in the entrance hall, the entrance to the Crows Nest and the lobby of Rye Bay Cottage and another at the top of the main house stairs.

  • In the event of a fire the fire alarm system will sound a bell and will inform the staff by a mobile phone call. Please advise us if you have a hearing impairment and might not hear this.

  • The building can be evacuated via the door at the bottom of the main house stairs or the door fat the bottom of the stairs in the Crows Nest or via the main door of the Rye Bay Cottage.

  • We do not permit smoking in any of the houses as it is against UK legislation but there are smoking areas with seating beside the entrance to both the Main house and the Rye Bay Cottage.

  • We are happy to cater for special diets or any particular likes or dislikes. We keep stocks of gluten free biscuits, cake and bread. Please advise us of these before your arrival.

  • We are happy to refrigerate any medication. We can also keep any perishables (such as clotted cream!) in our fridge for a limited period.

  • Mobile phone reception at Strand House is generally acceptable depending on network but not all phone will work inside the house.

  • WiFi is provided in all building although their stone construction may limit coverage in some areas. There is a password which is provided on request.


Contact Information

  • Address: Strand House, Tanyards Lane, Winchelsea, East Sussex. TN36 4JT.

  • Telephone number: is 00 44 1797 226276. When we are away from home this number is diverted to our mobile phone.

  • Mobile Phone: for text messages 0788 917 7120

  • E-mail address:

  • Our website provides pictures of our accommodation and further information about the services we provide.

  • We are open all year but closed for refurbishment for the first three weeks in January.